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yellowbox Fur Friends (How & why)
Training & Qualifications (why you should choose our team to care for your pets)
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Fur Friends
Hi, my name is Fiona, based in Dunedin, New Zealand.  I have always had pets throughout my life. My family and I currently share our home with two awesome cats Kaia and Plisken, two outgoing dogs Harry and Flint, and numerous goldfish.

I have always had an interest in animals which led me to complete a comprehensive one year course in Veterinary Nursing at Otago Polytechinic, which included animal care for companion animals, administering medication both orally and via injections, first aid and animal behaviour.

After returning from a holiday, trusting our neighbour to care for our pets, we were upset to discover the health of one of our feline friends had seriously deteriorated after jumping into the back yard, injuring himself and unable to find food. This inspired me to look further into the idea of creating a service for pet owners that they can trust knowing their pets will be well looked after by Fur friends “We’re there because you care”. 

Pet owners do not just want someone to come and walk their dog or care for their animal, they want a service that treats the animal with respect and at Fur Fiends we treat your furry companion like our own.

Our philosophy is a simple statement:
We’re there because you care !
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Training & Qualifications
yellowbox Fiona the founder of Fur Friends Ltd is a qualified Vet Nurse who is passionate about animal welfare and care, having studied vet nursing at Otago Polytechnic she has been trained to administer medication for animals that rely on perscriptions on a daily basis. She ensures all staff are trained in animal first aid and are knowledgable in animal demeanor and behaviours.
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Terms & Conditions
yellowbox A “Meet and Greet” must take place and a contract signed before any service commences. By signing the contact contract the client accepts the terms and conditions as outlined below.
- Employees
Fur Friends Ltd and its trained employees will provide services in a professional, caring and trustworthy manner
Fur Friends Ltd staff are fully insured and have passed police checks
- Property
Fur Friends Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage (inside or out) to the owner’s property during the visit caused by the pet/pets
The Client shall ensure that Fur Friends Ltd is given access to the property by way of key and if necessary an alarm code to disable the alarm whilst Fur Friends Ltd is on the property, Fur Friends Ltd will enable the system once the visit is completed
Fur Friends Ltd has a special coding system that is kept separate to the key, so only Fur Friends Ltd will know which key belongs to your property
Fur Friends Ltd will not hire out its services where the arrangement is based on visits every other day, the client will take full responsibility for any damage to property or ill health of pet/pets
- Animals
The client must disclose in full any behavior or characteristic that may cause the pet/pets not to respond to the handler this includes aggression, antisocial behaviour or health problems.  Fur Friends Ltd has the right to cancel the contract at anytime and with immediate effect
Fur Friends Ltd will not walk any dog that is in season, we can however do pet visits
The client will ensure all pets are up to date with all vaccinations, worm and flea treatment, and ensure that Fur Friends Ltd can sight the vaccination certificate
Fur Friends Ltd must be informed if the health of any pet/pets has changed since a booking was made.  Unfortunately any pet/pets with an illness or infectious condition can not be serviced by Fur Friends Ltd until the pet/pets have Veterinary clearance
Fur Friends Ltd will care for your pet as you would and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, Fur Friends Ltd can not be held liable for any loss, disappearance, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care
Fur Friends Ltd will not be liable for any veterinary fees or third party claims while the client’s pet/pets are in the care of Fur Friends Ltd
Fur Friends Ltd will in the unlikely event of an emergency transport the pet/pets to the preferred Veterinary clinic or if this is unavailable a Veterinary Clinic of Fur Friends Ltd choice.  Every effort will be made to contact the Client or the alternative contact person.  Fur Friends Ltd reserves the right to make decisions regarding the pet/pets health under the guidance of a Veterinarian if the Client or alternative contact person is unavailable.  The Client is responsible for all Veterinary fees that Fur Friends Ltd may incur
- Booking
Prompt payment ensures the client receives priority booking
During periods of high demand, alternative times may need to be negotiated
Fur Friends Ltd will provide a time stamped ticket to indicate the duration of the service and of any issues that may have arisen during the visit
- Payment
yellowbox New clients/casual client’s payment is required on the day of the service provided
Regular clients (have used Fur Friends Ltd for a period of 1 month consecutively) payment for all services is due end of the working week or the final working day of the week
Fur Friends Ltd accepts payment by cash, cheque or direct credit
A GST receipt will be provided at customer request
All clients will be invoiced according the pay schedule, failure to make payment within 5 working  days of invoice date will result in 2.5% charge and Fur Friends Ltd reserves the right to cease the service to the affected client while invoice outstanding
Any unpaid invoice (more than 14 days old) will result in collection costs that must be paid by the client
The additional purchase of essential items (food/cat litter) or any additional time and cost involved due to an illness or accident is not included in the service fees charged by Fur Friends Ltd and the client will reimburse all costs associated with these items
- Cancellations
In the event of extreme weather conditions (snow/frost/heat etc.) Fur Friends Ltd reserves the right to shorten the walk to ensure safety of handler and dog/dogs
No reductions will be made if the client returns home early
Cancellations for any service must be received by 9pm on the day preceding a scheduled visit or the normal fee will be charged. Fur Friends reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.  Please note that the amount of time you have booked with us is the amount of time you will be charged for. Should you not require our service for the full term of the booking, no refunds will be given
- Copyright & Trademark
Fur Friends Limited owns the copyright and trademark to information available on this website including images, text, hyperlinks, screens, and web pages.

If there is any inconsistency between this copyright notice and the copyright notice found on any of the information available on our website then the notice attached to the information will take precedence over this notice.

The information available on this website may be copied for personal use without further permission provided that it is not altered and you clearly acknowledge the source and copyright status on each copy.

If you would like to use the information available on our website in any other way you must obtain written permission. You must also obtain our written permission if you wish to create a link to or from our website, or any part of our website. For Copyright queries, please use the Enquiry Form.

If you are the owner of material that appears as a link or resource and wish it to be removed from this site then please contact us, we will acknowledge your contribution or remove it at your discretion.

  We’re there because you care !
  - Why use Fur Friends?
  Fully insured
Peace of mind for owners
We come to your house
Can tailor a package to suit your four legged friend, walk one day and playtime the next.
  "Pets are more than just animals in the home they are a part of family life
and should be treated like a member of the family.
  7 days a week • One-on-one professional care • Fully insured • Police checked
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